Evolution of the Color³

The permanent cosmetic hair color.

More than 118 shades of perfection

Enriched with Hyaluronic acid, Evolution of the Color³'s groundbreaking PPD-free formula guarantees perfect color while being kind to hair and scalp.

Innovative 3D technology

Mixing, application and coloring: Evolution of the Color³ technology guarantees extraordinary performance in three steps.

Multi-Lamellar Vehicle

MLV protects the pigments during mixing, preventing them from oxidizing earlier than necessary. Pigments that have yet to oxidize penetrate more deeply into the hair structure in larger quantities and cause the scales to open less, leaving hair softer and easy to detangle.

Hyaluronic acid

When the mixture is applied, Hyaluronic acid forms a grid-like structure around the hair, ensuring even product distribution and maximum adherence. It also helps maintain the correct level of hydration in the fiber.

HCI System

Crystallized micropigments penetrate the hair fiber during coloring and combine to form larger, more structured molecules, injecting hair with incredible shine.

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