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Semi di Lino

The haircare treatment that brings out your natural beauty.

Beauty Power to you

Semi di Lino lets you create your own beauty. The treatment keeps your hair healthy from root to tip, and more radiant than ever: it's all in your hands.

Your hair needs protection

We are exposed to air pollution risks every day. The Semi di Lino range features three original technologies that promote beautiful, radiant hair:


Urban Defence Pro

Anti-pollution shield for total protection.

Shine Fix Complex

24hours of brightening power from the roots to the ends.

Color Fix Complex

UV filter and antioxidant to prolong the beauty of the color.
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Our range

Explore the Semi di Lino range, choose and mix products
to create a bespoke beauty treatment.


Here for you and your hair

Hair needs more than just care: it deserves attention. Reveal your hair's true beauty with ALFAPARF MILANO PROFESSIONAL - whatever your hair type. And every day is the right day.

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