EDEN Blonde +
Dove Grey

Create a new and contemporary look.

#ALFAPARFPEOPLE eden blonde + eden dove grey

When two different elements come together, something new and unexpected is always created: in our Eden, warm blonde is combined with dove grey for a new and contemporary look.
The chiaroscuro effects give looks movement and surprise. Like the future that awaits us.

It is through the mix we become rich.

Diversity is a valuable asset

The coming together of different elements generates value: this is the philosophy that led to the creation of the new Eden Blonde shade. Myriad tones merge in a unique, warm and elegant color that has been designed for those who believe it’s not important to be different no matter what, but to make a difference together.

Whatever they say, we make our way

Beauty that is head and shoulders above the rest

Some choices are made with your head, others for your head.
Sometimes the two coincide, like in the new Eden Dove Grey color, a shade somewhere between dove grey and blonde. Versatile and sophisticated, it is just the thing for those who are curious enough to listen to others but determined enough not to be conditioned by what they hear. 

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