Semi di lino Smooth products

Semi di Lino

The Semi di Lino line created to control rebel and difficult to manage hair
Hydrates the hair, aligns the fibers and counteracts frizz, restoring natural beauty.

Shape your idea of beauty

All hair types have their own beauty: you just need to understand how to treat them, and help them to express their shape in all conditions. Discover the Semi di Lino Treatment to enhance the texture of rebel hair.

Climate-proof technology

  • Climate-Proof
    is the active ingredient, able to keep the optimal level of hydration and to protect the hair as climatic conditions change, depending on humidity and temperature.

The line's active ingredients


Urban Defence Pro

Anti-pollution shield for total protection.

Shine Fix Complex

24hours of brightening power from the roots to the ends.

Color Fix Complex

UV filter and antioxidant to prolong the beauty of the color.

Frizz Defeat Protein

Anti-frizz protection for soft, tamed hair.


*Instrumental tests conducted on hair treated with Smoothing Low Shampoo + Smoothing Mask + Smoothing Cream + Smoothing Oil, in comparison with hair treated with base Shampoo alone. **Instrumental tests conducted on hair treated with the Semi di Lino Smooth service, in comparison with hair treated with basic Shampoo alone.
  • -98%
    Less frizz after first application*.
  • 72h
    Of smooth, tamed hair**.

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