Benvoleo glossy


An unprecedented combination of texture
for dazzling radiance to dull hair.

Specific active ingredient of the line

citrus fruits

This active ingredient, obtained from Sicilian lemons and oranges, is particularly well known for its high content of vitamin C, with antioxidant and brightening properties.

Properties, action, results of actives

Illuminating and antioxidant properties.
Hyperfermented citrus fruits helps seal the cuticles, giving the hair a shiny, vital appearance.
Hyperfermented oak barkprotects the hair from radical stresses while also counteracting cosmetic colour fading.
Actives results:
  • +75% of illuminating power*
  • Treatments results:
  • Hair is brighter from the first application**
  • *vs placebo – referred to Citrus fruits
    ** Instrumental test performed on the Benvoleo treatment (Glossy Micellar Shampoo + Glossy Express Conditioner) compared with basic shampoo.

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