Color Wear Cream

The natural evolution of tone-on-tone color.

Live it fully!

Every stage of life has its own shades. From your very first color service through to the balayage of your dreams or a brightening treatment for grey hair: Color Wear helps you live life to the fullest.

A gentle, patented formula

Arginine Patented Technology

A 100% natural amino acid that can replace the most common chemical alkalizing agents. It is very similar to hair, as it is already present in its protein structure.

Vegan Formula

No ingredients of animal origin or animal-derived ingredients.

Gentle formula

Ammonia, MEA, PPD, alcohol and silicone free.

Blend of oils

A blend of semi-fermented oils of natural origin with nourishing, anti-oxidant, protective and anti-frizz properties.
Recycled paper Recicled alluminium read me

Our commitment

The Color Wear packaging was designed to have the lowest possible environmental impact.


The packaging is made from 90% recycled paper.


QR code on box replaces paper instruction sheet in order to limit overall paper consumption.


Tubes are produced using 100% post-industrial recycled aluminum*.



*Tubes produced in Beauty&Business production plant (Italy).

Extremely gentle, maximum performance

*Instrumental test result, obtained by comparing the radiance of hair treated with the new Color Wear formula (roots, lengths and ends of moving locks) against the radiance of locks treated with the previous formula or with the best competitor products on the market.
**Repeated application of the new Color Wear formula, with the alkalizing agent of natural origin, results in increased fiber integrity than when applying a product with a chemical alkalizing agent. Visible result with SEM (scanning electron microscopy) imaging after nine applications of the new Color Wear formula. This was compared against the previous formula, applied in the same way.
***Result of the instrumental test obtained by comparing a wet hair sample after six applications of the new Color Wear formula against the best competitor products on the market.
****Result of the instrumental test carried out on a hair sample treated with the new Color Wear formula (shade 6.35) after 12 washes.
  • + 38%
    in hair integrity**
  • x11
    hair manageability after 6 applications***
  • 92%
    color maintained after 12 washes****

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