Keratin Therapy
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The luxury hair transformation system

The luxury of being who you want to be

The progressive smoothing system with keratin that provides even more noticeable and long-lasting smoothing and taming performance, with total safety.


From perfect smoothness to the enhancement of the natural texture, for smooth, tame and defined hair.

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  • Smoothing Technology and Discipline Technology are the new patent pending technologies of Smoothing Fluid and Easy Lisse, which are at the heart of our services.

The active ingredients


The protection technology included in all technical products, that works on the inside and the outside of the hair fiber, ensuring the protection, repair and better resilience of the hair.


A precious Amazonian oil, known for its emollient and illuminating properties, making the hair shiny, soft and silky.


Keratin and vegetable collagen are at the base of an innovative complex that protects during the use of hot styling tools, repairs damaged hair and improves strength and softness.

Maximum performance

*Instrumental test conducted on the new Lisse Design Precision Method treatment, which was followed by the regular use of line maintenance products; comparison made with the use of base products for maintaining the smooth effect.
**Instrumental test conducted on the new Easy Lisse formula in comparison with untreated hair.
***After using the Detangling Cream.
****Instrumental test conducted on the new Lisse Design Precision Method treatment in comparison with the old treatment. Result expressed as a percentage of reduction in the number of hairs that break off.
  • 4 months
    duration of results*
  • + 75%
  • + 75%
  • + 27%
    hair strength****

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