Benvoleo Hydration products


A blend of enveloping textures to moisturize
and nourish the driest hair.

Specific active ingredient of the line

rice water

From an ancient Chinese tradition, the beauty secret for restoring moisture and softness to the hair. A complex derived from rice and rich in antioxidants, amino acids and proteins for healthy-looking, shiny hair.

Properties, action, results of actives

Moisturizing and color-protective properties.
Hyperfermented rice water combats dryness of the hair, offering long-term moisturization.
Hyperfermented oak barkprotects the hair from radical stresses while also counteracting cosmetic colour fading.
Actives results:
  • +28% of hydrating power*
  • Treatments results:
  • Hair is more hydrated from the first application**
  • *vs placebo – referred to Rice water
    **Instrumental test performed on the Benvoleo treatment (Hydration creamy shampoo + Hydration rich conditioner) compared with basic shampoo.

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