Blends of Many

The multi-benefit male hair product line
specifically created for unisex salons.

The biggest adventure

Every man has his own unique, original story, every man has his own needs. Blends of Many provides real solutions to meet the true demands of today's men.

The essential ingredients for true beauty

Urban Defence Pro

An ALFAPARF MILAN technology that protects hair from pollution damage, dust and heavy metals which promote the production of free radicals.

Black tea

This natural active ingredient has three key properties: antioxidant properties that soothe irritation, stimulant properties that promote skin microcirculation and revitalizing properties that give the hair fiber a new lease of life.

Biopower System

A concentrated blend of a marine microalgae that prolongs the hair growth cycle and slows down thinning.

Double Reset System

A specific complex that regulates sebaceous gland hyperactivity, the cause of oily scalps and dandruff.

The new world of male beauty

*Instrumental test on the full Energizing Blends of Many treatment. vs. placebo.
**Opinion of volunteers undergoing the full Rebalancing Blends of Many treatment.
***Clinical and instrumental tests carried out one hour after using the product.
****Clinical and instrumental tests carried out after using the product for seven days.
  • 5 times
  • + 11% per cm
    thicker hair*
  • in 87% of men
    less dandruff from the very first application **
  • in 93% of men
    less sebum from the very first application**
  • + 16%
    in facial hydration*** instantly
  • in 90%**** of men
    softer beard

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