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Chestnut - 7.32 Medium Golden Violet Blonde

Golden Mahogany

Golden Mahogany - 7.35 Medium Golden Mahogany Brown


Chocolate - 6.53 Dark Mahogany Golden Blonde

Pure Reds

Pure Reds - 6.66i Dark Intense Red Blonde

Color Wear Gloss Toner


Gold - 010.32 Soft Lightest Golden Violet Blonde


Matte - 05.7 Soft Light Matte Brown


Reds - 09.26 Soft Very Light Violet Red Blonde

Cool Naturals

Golden Mahogany - 07.35 Soft Medium Golden Mahogany Blonde

Evolution Of The Color

Pure Violets

Pure Violets - 5.22 Light Intense Violet Brown

Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee - 8.23 Light Violet Golden Blonde


Chocolate - 7.53 Medium Mahogany Golden Brown


Mahogany - 4.52 Medium Mahogany Violet Brown


Bronze - 7.45 Medium Copper Mahogany Blonde

Third Tone

Third Tone - 10.342 Lightest Golden Copper-Violet Blonde


Boosters - 000SSS Lightening Booster

Color Boosters

Color Boosters - RB Red Booster

Grey Black

Grey Black - 7MGB Metallic Grey Black

Rose Copper

Rose Copper - 9MRC Metallic Rose Copper

Evolution of the Color3 Fast

Keratin Therapy

Precious Nature Hair Color

Cool Naturals

Cool Naturals - 8NF Light Cool Natural Brown

The Hair Supporters

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