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chestnut - 7.32 medium golden violet blonde

Golden Mahogany

golden mahogany - 7.35 medium golden mahogany brown

Grey Black

grey black - 9mgb metallic grey black

Rose Copper

rose copper - 9mrc metallic rose copper

Ruby Brown

ruby brown - 8mrb metallic ruby brown


crystal brown - 10.324 lightest golden violet copper blonde

Color Wear Gloss Toner


matte - 05.7 soft light matte brown


gold - 010.32 soft lightest golden violet blonde

Evolution Of The Color

Iced Coffee

iced coffee - 8.23 light blonde violet gold

Color Boosters

color boosters - rb red booster


chocolate - 5.53 light brown mahogany gold


bronze - 6.45 dark blonde copper mahogany

Pure Violets

pure violets - 5.22 light brown intense violet


mahogany - 6.562 dark blonde mahogany red violet

Intense Naturals

intense naturals - 9ni intense very light blonde

Natural Ash

natural ash - 6.01 dark blonde soft ash


reinforcers - 000sss lifting reinforcer

Golden Mahogany

crystal brown - 5.542 light brown mahogany copper violet


crystal rose - 8.221 light blonde intense violet ash

Evolution of the Color3 Fast

Keratin Therapy

Precious Nature Hair Color

Cool Naturals

cool naturals - 8nf light cool natural brown


beige glacé - 6 dark beige glacé blond

The Hair Supporters

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