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Color Wear
Gloss Toner

The Natural Evolution of Gloss Toner

Live it fully!

A new range designed to improve the world of tone-on-tone colours: perfect toning and vibrant results, where every shade is enhanced to the max, for an extremely natural effect.

Innovative, cutting-edge formula

Arginine Patented Technology

A 100% natural amino acid that can replace the most common chemical alkalizing agents. It is very similar to hair, as it is already present in its protein structure.

Vegan formula

No ingredients of animal origin or animal-derived ingredients.

Gentle formula

Ammonia, MEA, resorcinol and silicones free.

Active ingredient made from Apple Vinegar

An active ingredient with restructuring properties: - Repairs and restructures the hair fiber after chemical processes or thermal stress
- Improves combability
- Reduces pH and closes cuticles to increase shine

Conditioning Complex

A conditioning complex:
- With antistatic effect
- Makes the hair smooth and soft
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The collection

Maximum Performance

*instrumental test conducted on hair treated with Color Wear Gloss Toner (shade 09.2) compared to untreated hair.
**instrumental test on hair treated with the new Color Wear Gloss Toner formula (shade 09.2), compared to untreated hair.
*** instrumental test on dry hair, after just one application of the new Color Wear Gloss Toner formula, compared to one of our strongest market competitors.
****instrumental test on hair treated with the new Color Wear Gloss Toner formula (shade 08N), measured after 12 washes.
  • + 103%
    shine, measured on moving locks*
  • + 13%
    elasticity after just one application**
  • x3
    hair manageability after just one application***
  • 90%
    color maintained after 12 washes****

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