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Semi di Lino

The Semi di Lino range that helps
restore your scalp's natural balance.

Boosts hair's natural strength

The secret to strong, vibrant hair is restoring balance at the root. Thanks to the Semi di Lino treatment that combines probiotic and prebiotic active ingredients, your hair is free to shine.

Microbiotic System

  • An innovative probiotic and prebiotic complex developed to balance the skin barrier and restore the natural harmony of hair and scalp. Probiotic bacteria are naturally present on the skin. They feed on prebiotics and preserve the microbiome. The result? Healthy skin and beautiful hair.

The line's active ingredients


Biorenew Complex

Natural ingredients for prolonging the hair follicle's life cycle and increasing its vitality.

Pure Set Complex

Normalizing active ingredients prevent scalp flaking.

Sebonorm Complex

A replenishing active ingredient that reduces greasy scalp.

Derma Comfort Complex

Italian caper extract for scalp comfort.

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