Semi di Lino

The Semi di Lino line strengthens
the hair fiber.

Repairs, reconstructs, strengthens

Semi di Lino Reconstruction strengthens the hair fiber day after day, making it more resistant to external aggressors.

Semi di Lino.
Beauty power to you & to the planet

Semi di Lino is back with a renewed commitment to help preserve the beauty of our planet.


Our commitment

The formulas in the Semi di Lino Reconstruction line are now vegan* and biodegradable**.


Thanks to the use of recycled materials*** and the elimination of metallization, the brand is contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

*Free from ingredients of animal origin and derivation.
**OECD TG 301 F biodegradability test conducted on Reparative Low Shampoo and Reparative Mask.
***For packaging produced in Italy.

The line's active ingredients


Urban Defence Pro

Total protection anti-pollution shield.

Shine Fix Complex

24h illuminating power from root to tip.

Color Fix Complex

UV filter and antioxidant for beautiful lasting color.

Bamboo marrow + Cortex Repair

A blend of silicon-rich natural active ingredients with restructuring properties.


*Laboratory tests conducted on bleached hair, subjected to cycles of exposure to environmental pollutants and then treated with Semi di Lino Reconstruction treatment.
  • +14%
    Strong hair*

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