Semi di Lino

The Semi di Lino line enhances natural or coloured blonde and silver hair. It neutralises unwanted yellow tones, revitalises the hair shaft, and adds moisture for soft, shiny hair.

Colors on your side

Everyone knows that hair makes or breaks a look. Hair is how we express ourselves, and our hair colour is what makes us most uniquely and recognisably ourselves.

A protective hair colour shield

  • Blue Light Shield

    A natural, active ingredient, sustainably sourced from summer lilac flowers, is applied to the hair shaft to help protect cosmetic hair colour, maintaining its brilliance and saturation for stronger, healthy-looking hair.

The product line's active ingredients


Urban Defence Pro

Total anti-pollution shield.

Shine Fix Complex

24 hours of shine from root to tip.

Color Fix Complex

Antioxidant UV filter allows colour to stay beautiful longer.
01 (1)

Blonde Recovery

Anti-frizz protection for soft, manageable hair.


*Instrumental test on hair treated with Semi di Lino Blonde Anti-Yellow Conditioner.
**Instrumental test performed on the Semi di Lino Blonde treatment (Anti-Yellow Low Shampoo and Conditioner).
***Instrumental test performed on hair exposed to blue light for one week, then treated wtih Semi di Lino Blonde Anti-Yellow Conditioner.
  • +21%
    Colour brilliance*
  • Neutralises yellow tones after the first application**
  • 3X
    Smoother, more manageable hair***

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